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Well-Being Ballet is a ballet class that will help you ameliorate your well-being. At Inclusive Dance Program we are listening to you and your needs. We want you to feel comfortable (like at home) and that is why we have created a private dance studio in a house in Hollywood. We want to challenge you and give you new skills. All of that in a fun and safe environment. 

Always accompanied with a dance educator, the program is made to help each student progress, have fun and learn new ways to use their body while still learning the ballet technique. 

Well-Being Ballet, is also coming to you. We propose classes for hospitals, seniors' residences, privates and specialized schools. With Well-Being Ballet, we are using the practice of dance to improve stress, mobility, anxiety and more.

The class has a duration of 1 hour. However depending of the possibilities of the students, the class can be shorten to 45 minutes, always with an educator. 

To know more about the benefits of Well-Being Ballet click the link below !  

Well-Being ballet what is it ?: À propos
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